Rebecca M. Wright MA, LPCC
Continuing Education
As part of my ongoing interest in professional growth and to maintain licensing requirements, I have participated in the following continuing education courses since 2003.  My area of focus continues to evolve toward integrating mind/body methods and techniques in order to approach emotional problems as a part of a whole which includes cognitive, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual aspects of the person.
  • Tough Customers: Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Understanding Personality Disorders
  • Assessment and Treatment of Personality Disorder: A Cognitive-Dialectical Approach
  • New Perspectives on Couples Therapy
  • Rescuing our Boys
  • New Mexico Conference on Child/Adolescent in the Community and Domestic Violence
  • Update on Current Prescription Drugs Commonly Used in Children
  • 26th National Conference on the Self and The Family
  • 17th and 18th National Conference on the Family in Stress and Crisis
  • Wholehearted Therapist, Wholehearted Families
  • Integrated Treatment Strategies for Depression and Suicide
  • Trauma Compulsivity and Addiction
  • Practical Applications of Using Trauma First Aide with Families
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Using Trauma First Aide to Enhance Creativity in Treating Trauma with Families
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Body Awareness and Physical Action in the Treatment of Trauma
  • The Immune System: The Mind Body Connection: Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well
  • Holographic Memory Resolution
  • Introduction to Flower Essences
  • New Mexico Association of Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values In Counseling (NMASERVIC) 2010 Conference: The He(art) and Science of Spirituality
  • NMASERVIC 2009 Conference: Counseling as a Spiritual Path: The Power of Presence
  • NMASERVIC 2008 Conference: Holding Your Center in Challenging Times
Ongoing training in Ethics and Clinical Supervision